In-Depth Pricing Guide - Understanding & Optimizing Our Pricing

This guide is useful if you're placing repeat orders and want to really understand our pricing model. If you just want some quick notes to place a small order, see our Quick Pricing Guide.


Our pricing is composed of two parts:

  1. The base shirt cost, which is fixed and does not vary with order size
  2. The printing cost, which varies with the order size and the printing complexity

These two parts control the overall cost of the order. More on each variable below.    


1. Base Shirt Cost

The shirt type(s) you select affect the overall order cost. The base shirt prices are fixed and do not vary with the order size. The base cost of each shirt type is displayed in the following table:

Kids Sizes Adult XS-XL Adult XXL Adult XXXL
Heather Color T-Shirt $2.85 $3.30 $4.05 $4.95
Tri-Color T-Shirt $2.85 $3.45 $4.20 N/A
Solid Color T-Shirt $2.85 $3.60 $4.35 $5.25
Tank Top $2.85 $3.60 $4.05 N/A
Raglan Shirt N/A $6.15 $7.05 N/A
Long Sleeve Shirt $3.60 $5.25 $6.00 N/A
Layered Shirt $3.75 N/A N/A N/A

These prices are for the blank shirts before they are printed. Feel free to mix shirt types, colors, and sizes within one order.   


2. Printing Cost

The printing cost is determined by:

a) the order size, and

b) the print complexity.  


Order Size

The larger the order, the lower the printing cost per shirt. The following graph shows the relationship between order size and printing price per shirt. 

Printing Price per Shirt vs. Number of Shirts

This price is based on the total order size. Feel free to mix shirt types, colors, and sizes within one order. As long as the print doesn't change (eg. a red elephant, 11" wide on all of the shirts), we'll use the total order size when determining the printing cost.    


Print Complexity

The print complexity is based on the number of colors within the print, and the number of print locations. If you're not sure how many colors are in your print, see our How to Count Print Colors guide.

Price charts are available on each product page. The following example price chart comes from our adult solid color shirts.

Adult Solid Color Price Chart

The price charts show the total cost per printed shirt, assuming there is only one print location (eg. front chest, back, sleeve). The price charts include shipping, taxes, customs duties, printing, the shirts, screen print set up fees. 

Don't worry about price breaks - just order what you actually think you need. The price charts are a simplification of our pricing model, which is a continuous function. The price chart shows a price break at 100 shirts, but in reality each additional shirt is slightly cheaper than the last, with no big jumps in pricing. If you order 90 shirts, the price per shirt will be almost the same as if you order 100 shirts. You don't need to increase your order size to 100 shirts to get a big reduction in price - just order what you actually need, and we'll adjust the pricing so that it's fair.


The best way to understand the price of your particular shirts is to request a quote. Contact us with questions or to request a quote.