Why Buy from Seed Apparel

Great Shirts, Great Price, Great Cause

Money-Back Guarantee

Excellent Products Backed by a Strong Guarantee

We stand by our products. From the fabric roll to your shop, Seed Apparel and its suppliers employ a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure that you are satisfied by our products. Starting with statistical sampling at key points throughout the production process and ending with feedback from our customers, Seed Apparel is working hard to bring you quality goods at a fair price.

We want you to be happy you did business with us. In the unfortunate event that you are unsatisfied with any of our apparel, contact us for a refund.

Profit Share Pie

A Living Wage & Profit Sharing

Seed Apparel is proud to pay a living wage. This means that even our lowest-paid workers (new hires working in an assembly position) earn enough to cover basic living expenses.

By setting Seed's internal minimum wage at approximately two times Haiti's minimum wage, we ensure that all employees are paid a wage they can live on. Even before our profit sharing program is taken into account, Seed's worker compensation is industry-leading in Haiti.

We do not control the wages our suppliers pay their workers. However, all suppliers are Better Work inspected and meet or exceed Haitian labor law requirements. Over time, we hope to bring more work in-house and to pay more workers a full living wage.

Our profit sharing program forms the core of Seed Apparel's social philosophy. It's the root of our Planting Seeds of Development slogan and is a program we're hoping to see emulated by other companies operating in developing economies.

The Seed Apparel profit sharing plan ensures that 25% of profits are reinvested in our workers' communities. The funds are distributed through a combination of direct employee payouts and cooperative investment in communal facilities and services.

Our profit sharing plan isn't charity. Seed Apparel is a partnership between workers, management and buyers. Our profit sharing plan is an equitable balance between capital and labor which treats stakeholders in our business as equals.

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