Vacation Bible School T-Shirts

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Soft, comfortable shirts for your Vacation Bible School this summer! We can use your own custom design for the shirts, or we can make one for you.

Let us know what your theme is and we'll get started. 

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Adult Sizing Chart   Kids Sizing Chart

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Adult T-Shirt Pricing

Adult Pricing

Kids T-Shirt Pricing

Kids T-Shirt Pricing

Notes on pricing:

  • Pricing includes shipping, taxes, customs duties, set-up fees. There are no additional fees. We'll give you a quote with all of the costs included. You won't have any pricing surprises. If you order 100 kids t-shirts with a one color screen print, the total cost will be $445. 
  • Pricing is based on the total order size. Feel free to combine adult shirts and kids shirts, all sizes and all colors. With a few exceptions, we'll take the total order size when determining pricing. 
  • Pricing is a continuous function. The price charts present our pricing as a stepped function, with jumps in pricing. The price charts show a price jump at 100 shirts, but in reality each additional shirt is marginally cheaper than the last. If you order 99 shirts, your price per shirt will be very nearly the same as at 100 shirts. You don't need to increase your order size just to get a "price jump" at 100 shirts.  You can just order what you actually think you'll need, and we'll make the pricing fair.

Pricing Graph

  • Dark shirts with a light colored screen print require an underbase, which adds to the cost. Printing white designs on black shirts is tricky. The black from the shirt wants to show through the white print. To prevent this, we add an extra layer of white ink underneath the design. Printing dark shirts is usually a bit more expensive than printing light colored shirts. You can estimate the cost on the price charts by reading the next row down for a dark shirt (add one to the screen print color). 

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